77 billion GB new data is generated per person per second.
Data is not just for the data people anymore.

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You Need Data Skills

You will be paid more

People with data skills are paid 30% more than their counterparts and have a higher career trajectory.

You will have more job opportunities

Data is recognized as a strategic asset for public and private organizations. Having data skills is a strategic investment for your career.

You will be at the core of decision-making

You will be an integral part of business decisions making and future strategies, thus giving you an important role and purpose within the organization.

You will have freelancing opportunities

Data skills give you the opportunity to become a well-paid freelancer or a consultant for a wide variety of organizations worldwide.

Land Your Dream Job and Be Great at It

C0D3R gives you the practical data skills you need to nail the interview so that you get the offer of your dreams. With the confidence and well-honed skills you will gain with us, you will be successful at your dream job and advance your career further.

  1. Learn the concepts with our training material meticulously crafted by published authors.
  2. Practice your new skills in our Lab with Live Feedback as part of each module.
  3. When ready, answer module questions for certification credit.
  4. Get certified when your training is complete.

Our Certificate Programs

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Business Excel

Unleash the power of Excel, import and process enterprise data sources.

Skills You'll Get:

  • Importing from a Wide Variety of Data Sources
  • Introduction to Quantitative Method
  • Analyzing, Extracting, and Reshaping Data with Advanced Pivot Tables
  • Communicating Results and Trends with Advanced Charts
  • Introduction to Statistics
  • Business Callouts with Statistics Functions
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Learn how to programmatically parse any data source, analyze it and create visually striking charts.

Skills You'll Get:

  • Importing from Data Sources
  • Analyzing Data with Modules
  • Communicating Results with Power Charts
  • Business Callouts with Convolution Functions
  • Visually Striking Live Dashboards
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Power BI

Microsoft PowerBI is easiest gateway to data analysis and visualization. Learn how to connect to a wide variety of enterprise data sources, create live dashboards, and stay on top of business metrics.

Skills You'll Get:

  • Microsoft Office Connectivity
  • SQL Database Connectivity
  • Online REST Data Source Connectivity
  • Visually Striking Live Dashboards
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SQL - Structured Query Language

Learn how to skillfully query enterprise databases, process even the most complex data sources. Practice hands on in our state-of-the-art live lab while solving fun-filled puzzles, while gaining the confidence for the interviews and first day at your new job.

Skills You'll Get:

  • Standard Query Operations like Select, Top, Max, Order By, etc.
  • Relating and Mergin data: All kinds of Joins
  • Automatic actions with Triggers, Higher Performance with Stored Procedures
  • Big Table Query Performance Optimizations
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Learn fundamentals of programming with Python and unleash potential of its strong libraries for managing complex tasks beyond Excel, Tableau or PowerBI. Programming is not hard if you get a chance to practice with well crafted, gradual exercises so that you understand all the fundamentals before moving on. Our lab let's you code right on our website, shows errors, gives instant results. Practice as much as you want!

Skills You'll Get:

  • Fundamentals of Programming with Python
  • Data Manipulation: Reading from and Writing to Databases, File Operations
  • Networking: Reading from Online REST Data Sources
  • Using Computer Peripherals
  • Common Statistics Operations with SciPy
  • Insightful Charts with MatPlotLib
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Machine Learning with Python

Machine learning and big data is more approachable with easy to use and intiutive Python libraries. Learn ML basics, and unlock its potential with Python. We have a state-of-the-art ML & Python lab, which let's you solve common ML problems with real-time feedback. Practice as much as you want, gain confidence, nail the interviews, be great at your job.

Skills You'll Get:

  • Machine Learning Basics for Predictive Analysis
    • Linear Regression
    • Decision Tree
    • Random Forest
    • K-Nearest Neighbors
    • Gradient Descent
  • Practical and Easy ML with Python & SciKit-Learn
  • Advanced Processing (Big) Data with Python Pandas

C0D3R Difference: Practice Makes Perfect

Learn by doing! C0D3R differentiates itself from all other online classes by putting you at the help. Gain the confidence you need to pass the interviews and be good at your job by practicing with our interactive labs as much as you need.

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Interactive Labs

Learn SQL by querying live data, just like in real life.

  • Solve real-world inspired problems
  • See results interactively
  • See solutions when you need help
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Self-Paced Exercises

Practice all aspects of the new skills you are gaining. We curated 46 different fun-filled exercises for:

  • Practice with Titanic dataset, guess who will survive the ordeal
  • Query US Census data, find out cities with most babies!
  • Predict weather based on historical data
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Case Studies

Our trainers come from business world. They have had teaching experiences, which they want to share with you. Read lessons learned and success stories.

Meet your Program Coordinators

Managing Director and Co-Founder: Ronald Loon

Ronald Loon is one of the top applied data scientists in the field. He has been recognized by SAP, IBM, Microsoft, Intel, Amazon and others as an expert in the data science & machine learning space. Ronald has a total of 22 years in technology, 9 in data science, & 5 in machine learning. He has delivered products with $100’s of millions in revenue & cost savings on the same scale. He does results, not just technology. He works with companies to address their biggest data science challenges: Staffing & team building, project selection & implementation, & strategy planning. Ronald has helped clients (companies and individuals) grow & improve their data science capabilities as well as building them from the ground up.

Program Director: Emily Lassberg Sands

A core Mathematician and lover of innovative algorithms, Dr. Sands is the founder of Analytic Bridge and Data Science Central. She is a former post-doctorate at the University of Cambridge and the National Institute of Statistical Sciences. She teaches data visualization, encryption methods, and randomness in quantum algorithms. She is a Fellow of the MIT Center for Digital Business and an independent senior advisor to Deloitte Analystics. She has got domain expertise in Comprehensive Customer Satisfaction and Retention Analysis, Brand Research and Competitive Analysis, Employee Retention Research, Database creation and mining, Survey Creation and Analysis (New Product and Branding). Her research work made a big impact on and led the development of Hadoop and MapReduce.

How We Measure Up

  C0D3R Harvard Data Incubator Coursera / Udemy
  +Learn online, gain confidence with labs.
Self-paced, no travel needed.
Quick & inexpensive.
Learn in a university setting. Learn as part of a fellowship, similar to an internship. Online lectures, like reading a book.
Curated (vs. Having to Find the Best Course Among Many Offerings with Varying Degrees of Quality)
Applied (vs. Theoretical) (Mostly theory, distant from the demands of a job) (No labs, no interactive exercises)
Extensive Interactive Lab where You Can Practice and Gain Confidence
Time Commitment 1 to 2 weeks 1.5 years 12 weeks+ 2-4 weeks
Cost $80 - $220 $11000 N/A Varies
Certificate at Program Completion
Availability Open to all Very limited Very limited Unlimited
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Data People Wanted. Now.

All successful companies are ramping up their data muscles. According to a CIO study*, sales and research departments saw their participation in big data-related initiatives climb from 17 percent and 13 percent, respectively, to 27 percent and 25 percent. A recent report by IBM and Burning Glass states that there will be 364K new job openings in data-driven professions by 2020 in the US. Out of those jobs, the toughest to fill are the Data Scientist/Advanced Analytics positions. 39% of these positions require a degree higher than a bachelor’s.